Heartline Films



Authentic Super 8mm Film

Relive your wedding day like it was 1967.

When you add Super 8mm Film to your wedding package, we’ll capture two rolls of super 8mm film using an authentic 1967 film camera.

Your film will be sent to a lab to be professionally developed, scanned, and edited into your wedding film.

Experience It for Yourself

We love handing our camera to you to burn some film!

The Magic of Film

Let your wedding film transport you back in time.

Super 8mm film has a certain charm and aesthetic that many associate with a bygone era.

The look and feel of the film, with its grainy texture and the slight flicker of the image, evokes a sense of nostalgia that can’t be recreated with digital video.

Ready to book your super 8mm wedding film? Let’s make some magic!

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