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Your Unique Story

The Magic and Wonder of You

Like you, we’re artistic, a bit quirky, and all about going our own way.

And we bring that originality and creative touch to every one of our films.

But what truly makes our films unique and special
isn’t really us

—it’s you.

Your Story | Our Style

The Big, Small, and In-Between Moments

Of course, we capture the big, once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll never want to forget.

But, we also keep our eyes open for the small, hidden moments you don’t want to miss and never could have planned for: The look on your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle. The joyful yet nervous jitters as you and your best friends get ready. Or the laughter and tears that fill the room as you say, “I do.”

There are many beautiful parts to your story. Just as there will be many magical aspects of your day. And our job is to create a film that documents and features it all.


“They’re both so open to ideas that whatever we were thinking,
they took that and ran with it. Giving them
the creative freedom to capture and put it all
together was the best decision.”


Your Experience | Our Approach

The Best Day Ever

Our goal is to not only capture your experience—but to enhance it.

You can feel confident that your wedding and your memories are in good hands. Because we’ll show you in action that we care about the level of service you receive. We always communicate quickly and kindly, and we take the time to connect and build a friendship with you.​​​​​​

When your day arrives, we’ll introduce ourselves to your wedding party and immediate family. And we’ll make it clear that you don’t need to pretend, pose, or worry about us being in your face. Instead, you get to soak in each moment, be yourselves and have a blast. While we efficiently, respectfully, and creatively capture it all on film.


“They captured all of our favorite moments all while being
discrete and out of the way. I received many compliments about how
kind and hardworking they were.”


We Are

Kevin & Haley Stauss

The People Behind the Cameras

The opportunity to help you remember and relive your wedding day
is not only fulfilling, but it’s also really fun.

In fact, we can’t imagine ourselves doing anything else.

hk cali copy

A Little More About Kevin

Ever since I picked up a camera in 2007, filmmaking has been a part of who I am.

My passion for visually telling stories grew exponentially in film school. And after filming a wedding for a friend, I knew I had found my niche: wedding films.

I love being a part of one of your happiest days. And I’m honored to use my passion and expertise to create a cherished film that allows you to relive it.


• I’m obsessed with roller coasters and all things Disney.
• I share Enneagram types with Walt Disney (9w1: The Dreamer).

kevin cali copy
haley cali3 copy

A Little More About Haley

The one college class I expected to sleep through all semester ended up changing my life: documentary film.

I met Kevin during my junior year of film school, and he taught me how to shoot and edit wedding films. And for the last seven years, we’ve been documenting weddings together.

I completely adore the fast-paced, rose-colored work environment of a wedding day. And while film school taught me how to capture beautiful moments efficiently, weddings have inspired me to capture and appreciate them that much more.


• I was a Cast Member at Walt Disney World.
• Becoming a mom has taught me to HAVE FUN and not take myself too seriously.

Why Heartline Films?

One Day and A Million Thrills

heartline roll: an element found on roller coasters; 
also known as a barrel roll.

Like a rollercoaster, your wedding day will be quite the ride.

The anticipation will steadily build as you climb the lift hill.

And when you’re at the top looking down, the rush of adrenaline, magic, and joy is like no other.

You’ll soar through the air and be lifted out of your seat.

And before you know it, your day is over and you’re pulling back into the station.

At Heartline Films, we capture this ride-of-a-lifetime
so you can experience those thrills

-over and over again.

It should go without saying. But, we’ll scream it from the rooftops anyway:

We Believe
LOVE is LOVE.​​​​​​​

And we want you to know

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