Frequently Asked Questions

We know you've got them.

Who will film my wedding?

Barring an act of God, my wife Haley and I will film your wedding! If something does happen to make it impossible for one or both of us to be there, we will let you know as soon as possible and have our highly-vetted assistant filmmakers capture your big day.

Can I purchase my Documentary Film at a later date?

We capture the same content on your big day whether you purchase the Wedding Reel or not, so you can always purchase your Reel (say, for an anniversary) at a later date!

While it’s impossible to completely guarantee the safety of any digital files, we do keep backups of everything in two different physical locations. We still have all of the raw footage from our first wedding over 7 years ago!

Will my wedding film have talking in it?

This one’s up to you! Just let us know if you’d like for us to incorporate your toasts and vows! (Don’t worry, this isn’t an upcharge.)

Why don’t you offer raw footage?

We understand that you may want your raw footage so you don’t miss anything, but we encourage you to explore the Wedding Reel as an alternative option.

Throughout a typical day, we shoot about 5 hours of footage, much of which ends up on the cutting room floor. The Wedding Reel is an edited version of all of the important stuff from your day (some shots take us 4 or 5 attempts to nail; you don’t need those takes).

Don’t worry, if we capture anything we think you’ll want to keep, we’ll be sure to include it in your Wedding Film and/or Reel.

Do you charge hourly?

No! We’re very proud to offer non-hourly rates. When you book with us, we’ll work with you to figure out an ideal schedule to capture everything we need for your Wedding Film with no additional charges.

Can I choose the music for my Wedding Film?

We pay to license the music we use in our Wedding Films and many popular songs are simply not possible to license. We do this so you can share your Film wherever you’d like without any legal consequences.

That being said, we certainly take your tastes and preferences into account when selecting your soundtrack!

How will I receive my wedding videos?

We deliver your wedding videos digitally. When your files are ready, we will email you a link to view download your videos.

Videos are available to download at full quality for 1 year and are viewable for 10 years.

Do you travel?

Yes! We travel everywhere. We’d be honored to travel to you to film your big day.

Are you LGBT+ friendly?

Yes! Of course! I hate that I even have to add this question.